Court Square is pleased to present as its inaugural exhibition, In Visible Ink, organized by Lisa Williams and Jaime Schwartz and featuring work by Tracey Goodman, Alyssa Pheobus and Hanna Sandin. This exhibition will be on view from May 8 - June 12, 2011 with an opening reception to be held on Sunday May 8, from 5 - 8 pm.

In Visible Ink takes its inspiration from Hélène Cixous' seminal 1975 text, "The Laugh of the Medusa," which outlines the concept of écriture feminine, or 'feminine writing', loosely defined as the inscription of the female body and female difference in both language and form. Cixous writes,

It is impossible to define a feminine practice of writing, and this is an impossibility that will remain, for this practice can never be theorized, enclosed, coded - which doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

With this text, Cixous issues a strong and resounding mandate to women everywhere - that they must write, or else remain trapped within the boundaries of convention. In Visible Ink seeks to bring Cixous' imperative to bear and to question whether feminine writing is possible now, more than thirty-five years after her initial postulation. In particular, the exhibition addresses the abstracted gesture as a means of inscribing presence through artworks that shift from visibility to invisibility, that oscillate in meaning and refuse finite definition, and that transform in appearance, sound and significance based on the 'angle' of one's read. Suspended in the space between objects and ideas, the works enact translations, rendering signs in the construction of highly personal languages.

"White ink," Cixous' moniker for feminine writing, suggests that which risks disappearing against the white page. Likewise, In Visible Ink features work on the threshold of disappearing into and reappearing from space or the whiteness of wall surface.

On May 22, Court Square will host a reading group in conjunction with this exhibition at Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden's Pilot Press&hellip. The reading group will take place at Cleopatra's (110 Meserole Avenue, Brooklyn NY) at 5 pm where Pilot Press&hellip is installed as a part of the current exhibition F is for Fake: The Construction of Femaleness by the US Media, organized by Amanda Parmer. For more details, please visit

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