The Arrow That Quits the Bow

For Young Curators, New Ideas IV at Meulensteen Gallery (June 7 - August 24, 2012) Court Square presents pilot press..., a DIY feminist publishing house run collaboratively by Jen Kennedy and Liz Linden since 2008. As part of an ongoing investigation into what 'feminism' means in contemporary society, pilot press... seeks to engage a diverse audience and to initiate discussion around our most staid assumptions. A mobile publishing house "installation," pilot press... comprises everything a visitor needs to "self" publish, including a printer or xerox machine, a bookbinding machine, an ISSN stamp, and a "library" shelf. Visitors are encouraged to print and bind as many copies of their work as they like; in exchange, they are required to leave a single bound copy of their publication in the pilot press... library for future visitors to access. By producing a DIY "canon" of new feminist work in a public and uncensored manner, the press proposes to provide a non-hierarchical, unedited, and uncensored look at feminist discourse today. In concert with the project, Court Square and pilot press... will organize a series of reading groups intended to initiate discussion and serve as fodder for future publications.

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