Korakrit Arunanondchai, Donna Huanca, + Melissa Ip
Opening: Sunday, February 24, 6-9pm
PERFORMANCE @ 6:30pm sharp

Installation on view February 24-28


Using bodies, materials, and processes, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Donna Huanca and Melissa Ip in BREAKING POINT examine moving beyond moments of stasis. In this performance and installation, they engage with new potentials of painting and performance through the processes of construction/deconstruction, accumulation/subtraction.

For the performance, the universal garment of the white t-shirt is appropriated as the canvas. Arunanondchai, will repeatedly perform his "body paintings" that leave indexical traces of his movements. Taking these shirts, Huanca and Ip will together prepare and re-produce them in an assembly-line fashion. The shirts will be placed on display and ready for reuse as wearable-painted objects. 

This performance is part of a two-part exhibition, "Sweats of the Hippo." The following presentation will be new works by Jonathan van Dyke.


"Sweats of the Hippo"
February - March, 2013, curated by Daisy Nam

In 1944 Jean Dubuffet gave Jean Paulhan one of his recent paintings as a gift. Several days later it began to melt. Dubuffet was amused "by these adventures, which he characterized as hippo sweats." Despite his research in using experimental materials, the work proved to be unstable under certain circumstances. Persisting to perfect the consistency of the paint, Dubuffet tried once again giving another painting to replace the gift. The painting began to sweat, again.

Inspired by this anecdote, the artists participating are interested the indeterminacy of the materials that they are working with. The process is just as much part of the work. Examining beyond the material of paint, the artists included here work in an array of mediums from installation to film to performance. Through their presentations, they examine dialectics of making, across mediums and methodologies, and ultimately experiencing.