May 5 - June 23, 2013

"Alone and together we embroidered, wove, painted, and pasted static, geometric pictures." 
- Hans Arp & Sophie Taeuber

Court Square is pleased to present FABRIKA, a group exhibition that invites the participation of artists and textile designers working in various modes of partnership, and considers how formal, material, and ideological terms typically associated with these discrete practices transform through collaborative processes. The exhibition includes Travis BoyerPaul Branca and Jeannine HanJAM Archives presented by April Chambers and Marley FreemanJulia Sherman, and Saira McLaren.

Alluding to the word ‘fabric’, the title of the exhibition translates in several languages to ‘factory’, locating our inquiry from ‘studio’ to ‘industrial’ collaborative production between artist, designer, weaver, or machine. Its Latin root, fabricare, means to “make, fashion, construct, or build,” but also “to fit together,” as in the weaving of two or more creative practices. And why collaborate? In FABRIKA, partnerships are inspired as much by common interests as by chance, curiosity, convenience, or even survival and the search for an “ideal” community. Here, the media of embroidery, weaving, painting, and collage possess metaphoric significance for conceptual and physical processes of working together and branching out. What results from these indeterminate and playful processes are the objects that remain as traces or diagrams of exchange. 

An open-ended experiment, FABRIKA looks to dialogues of making and displaying, where discrete realms of production take the other on, unraveling or weaving more tightly the ties between them.

The exhibition is accompanied by catalogue LookBook available for purchase, as well as projects and programs to be announced.




By Court Square Gallery

122 pages, published 7/25/2013

Published by Court Square Gallery on the occasion of "FABRIKA", a 2013 exhibition featuring collaborations between artists and textile makers, the exhibition catalog/LookBook includes documentation of the exhibition, as well as original and historical texts and images by artists and writers that reflect upon the cross-sections of art, textiles, and collaboration.
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